how it all began

Meet sue


Hi I'm Sue, I am the Founder, Owner, and Creator of B Safe Well Healthy. I am also a FIFO partner. I have always had a passion for Health, Safety, and Wellness, however I didn't know how passionate I was until I became part of the FIFO lifestyle.

My partner was having problems sleeping, he was waking up and couldn't get back to sleep. Knowing the love of essential oils that I have and the benefits of using them in our lives, he asked if I could make him something to help him sleep. The 30 ML Lavender Sleepy Sleep Time Sleep Spray was founded. That was almost 6 years ago.

Over the last 6 years not only have I helped my partner, and myself, I have also helped friends, family, and many others. It began with the Lavender Sleepy Sleep Time Sleep Spray, then the Anxiety Pulse Point Roller Blend, then the Women's Pulse Point Roller Blend and Peppermint Cooling Spray, after I was diagnosed with the lovely menopause.

In 2019 I was given an opportunity to share this passion with many people by starting my own Wellness Business. It began with having a stall at the Canning Vale Market every Sunday.


In March 2020 just before the first lot of Covid hit, I was given the opportunity to open my very first shop at Coventry Village Morley.  Today (July 2022) I am still at Coventry Village Morley, in a bigger shop, coming up to being 3 years in business.

My passion is to help everyone B Safe Well Healthy through the wellness range I make from scratch by myself, from 100% Pure Natural Essential Oils and Non-Toxic Ingredients, its about helping others the natural way, the mind, body, & soul, not only through the wellness range, however through being a Wellness Coach, and by doing Guidance and Essential Oil Card Readings.

Everyone deserves to come home or back to camp each day the way we leave, safe and well.

If we are well and focused in our mind and body, we will be safe in everything we do.

Love Sue

If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.