• Sue Birch

Essential Oils VS Fragrance Oils

The choice to what oil you use is a personal choice. Personally I choose to use essential oils and non toxic ingredients to enjoy and share with others the natural health benefits.

There is a difference between essential oils and fragrance oils. We are often mislead to believe that they are the same. Essential oils are derived from plants by extraction of using the process of steam distilling or cold pressing. The flowers, bark, stems, leaves, peel, roots, seeds, and other parts of the plants are used.

Fragrance oils are artificially created. They are synthetically made in the lab from chemicals.

Essential oils are used in Aromatherapy as healing applications to enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Fragrance oils are not Aromatherapy, they don't offer the same health benefits as essential oils due to being synthetically made.

When lighting a candle, melting a melt, or applying products made from fragrance oils, you are breathing/ absorbing in chemicals.

When lighting a candle, melting a melt, or applying products made from 100% pure natural essential oils you are breathing/absorbing in and experiencing the aroma and health benefits of a non toxic aroma.

As I said above, its your personal choice of which one you choose, either fragrance oils or 100% Pure natural essential oils.

If you use natural ingredients and then add fragrance oils, the item is no longer natural or pure. I'm sharing because I care ❤👷‍♀️It's all about awareness.

Be Safe Be Well

❤ Sue

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